Beautiful Chevron Buffet


So I intended to start this blog 2 years ago, and today is the day! Bare with me as I start this new journey. Over the past 2 years there have been many DIY projects that I wanted to share so I’m going to try to recall how they got accomplished and add them as I can.
Lets start this with a more recent project. My sister and I were in love with this dresser on Pinterest

She really wanted one like it for her nursery to use as a changing table. The trick with this type of chevron is finding a dresser with drawers that are completely flat and level on the surface. I found this little gem on Craigslist for $30.

Ok i actually paid $40, because I was supposed to buy a $10 table from the seller also, but it was gross and i didn’t have room for it and after having a “Silence of the Lambs” moment in this weird neighborhood (seriously the neighbors had crazy signs about the death of innocent children and I was thinking “these people are going to wear my skin”), I thought it best to pay for the table and never come back to get it. Besides, even $40 is a steal for a solid wood buffet. Ugly? Yes! But she has all the right lines for the look I wanted.
So I ran into a LOT of problems with this piece, she quickly became my nemesis. I was being lazy, as I often am and decided to just sand down some imperfections in some areas instead of the whole thing and I didn’t prime, big mistake! Paint was peeling and I had to use a lot more spray paint than I originally intended.
I started out by “staining” the top of the piece. I say staining but i really just paint on layers of 2 different stains until i get a wood grain look in a color i liked. Then i laid out all of the drawers that I was going to do the chevron pattern on together ( I also did a striped pattern on the middle drawers) Taping chevron is tricky! I measured the whole length and width of the drawers together, then divided it by 5 inches (the measurements weren’t even so it was more like 4.75″) then, in chalk, I marked a grid. That makes it easier to tape off. I will post an in-depth tutorial on painting the pattern when I do my next chevron project. Until then I will give you the tutorial that I used, Amanda Brook has a great video how to make a chevron pattern
Ok, so after taping the pattern, I spray painted the entire dresser in an off-white color, when I took the tape off, I was left with this.

So now that I’ve got the pattern it’s a lot easier to tape off again to paint the other color. I thought I wanted to do a light gray, but it turned out very lilac.

That might be great for a little girls room but it was not what I was going for. So I thought antiquing it might change the color. It did…

I just wasn’t loving it though, so I taped it off again and went with a taupe. Loved it, antiqued it, then realized I needed knobs. The dresser had pre drilled holes for a pull with a 3/4″ center-to-center. They don’t make those anymore, don’t even try to look for them. But seeing as how I had painted this thing more than I wanted to already, I didn’t want to fill the holes, drill a new one and paint and antique it again (you see how lazy I am?) so I ordered knobs off of amazon that had a backplate big enough to cover the existing holes. I had my husband drill new holes in the center of the existing ones and I added the knobs.

I used 2 coats of Minwax finishing paste to protect it and voila!

I thinks she’s pretty awesome! And she’s the perfect project for my first blog. 🙂


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