DIY Dark Wax


Sometimes, in the evening, after the sun goes down, I get an idea or an itch to do something I’ve wanted to do. Then I stay up until midnight or later working on it (inside, and the hubs hates it). So tonight after watching Franklin and Bash (I LOVE that show) I decided to try making my own dark wax.
Lazy Julie has been saying for some time now “Why wax the furniture and then glaze it? That’s an extra step! You could just buy some Annie Sloan Dark Wax and cut your time.” Then cheap Julie says “Heck no! That stuff is expensive!” So I made them compromise and I made my own dark wax thanks to the tutorial from “Saving for Six”
I scooped out some of my trusty Minwax.

Then I added some “burnt umber” oil paint.

Got out an old pot, boiled some water and melted it, stirring it occasionally.


While the wax was drying I started painting this baby that I found at a garage sale yesterday for five dollars! She’s got such great detail, I thought she’d be perfect for my dark wax experiment.

I mixed up a beautiful buttercream chalk paint and put 2 coats on her. I didn’t really try too hard to get the paint in all of the crevices, that’s a lot of work and hey, I was going to wax it to cover those areas anyway right?

By this time, my wax had dried ( I stuck my finger in it while it was drying because I’m impatient and wanted to try it out before it was ready)

Once my table dried (or maybe once it was almost dry) I started waxing it, using a t-shirt rag.

This was so much easier than glazing! And I just love the way it turned out.





5 thoughts on “DIY Dark Wax

    • I used an oil based paint. I don’t think acrylic or latex would mix in with the wax very well. And it really just depends on what color you use and how dark you want the wax to be. I used about a tablespoon of color per cup of wax. Oil based paints are highly pigmented and a little goes a long way. 🙂


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