Cutting Corners

So…I have a touch of ADD, I lose interest fast! When I start a project, I like to finish it that day or it takes an act of God (or paying customer) to get me motivated again. This is why I have 3 unfinished projects in my garage and a half-painted craft room. When I decided to tackle this buffet today, I knew I had to work fast or this diamond in the rough would be sitting in my dads shop, half primed and looking sad for maybe a year. Thank you, Mom, for taking the boys all day so I could get this done!
I started prepping this piece before I realized I hadn’t taken a “before” picture. So this is what I got but you get the idea.

Since I was trying to fit this into one day, I decided to go with spray paint, the cheaters paint. I used my new fave, Rustoleum Ultra Cover in a flat, white finish. It primes and covers quick! (First corner cut) AND its only $3.77 at Wal-Mart.

I taped off the top of the buffet and after 3 cans of paint (I knew I should have bought 4) this is what I had.

Eh, a little sparse in some areas but I didn’t have time to mess with Wal-Mart again so I convinced myself that the variance in coverage would only add to the aged look I was going for. (Corner cut? Check!)
Time to wax, and since I was impatient and didn’t wait long enough after painting and there were some sparse areas, some of the paint rubbed off when I was using my newly discovered DIY dark wax. But guess what… I liked it! It looked like I had done some distressing, but I didn’t. (If you’re keeping track, that is the 3rd corner that has been cut)

So I kept waxing and I ran out of wax right here…

Yeah, a drawer and a half left. So I ran home, made some more and popped it in the freezer to speed up the cooling. While my wax was setting up I rushed to Hobby Lobby to grab a knob for the door since it was missing its pull. By the way, knobs and pulls are no longer ALWAYS half off at HL anymore. According to sales clerk, Jonathon, they are now going to be on sale when the wood products go on sale because that makes sense. Luckily, I always use the 40% off coupon on my phone. (I guess going to HL while the wax was setting could be considered cutting a corner but for arguments sake lets just call it good time management)
I returned with my knob and my wax and finished that step (3 steps in one really- waxing, antiquing and distressing- not to toot my own horn or anything) I peeled off the tape and realized that I liked the color of the top with the body of the piece so I did not “stain” the top like I had originally intended. (You guessed it-cut corner) I attached all of the pulls and my one lonely knob and she was done! And she was beautiful, cornerless and all.




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