An American Dresser in London


I’ve been wanting to paint a flag on a dresser for awhile so when my friend told me she had this cute little dresser to get rid of, I jumped on it.

It’s drawers were flat and perfect for taping. $20 dollars and a trip across town and I was ready to start. I mixed up a cream chalk paint and put on two coats.

I had to use a smal brush to get in those deep square crevices of the trim.

Once it dried, I lightly sanded and distressed. Then I put on a coat of wax so the tape wouldn’t pull the paint off when removed.


I knew I wanted to do a version of a flag. I didn’t want it to be too literal or too in-your-face so I decided on The Swiss flag in a neutral taupe. I taped the cross to the upper left corner of the dresser and painted in between.


When I pulled the tape off, I had this…

Eh, maybe it will look better after wax and with the pulls back on.

Nope. Okay so lets jazz it up. How about a Union Jack… So I taped off some more stripes, varying in size but not too literal to the flag and painted those.



Better, but it needs something else.

So I went to bed around 3:30 am (I told you I like to finish things fast) The next day I decided to “stain” the top. I taped off under the ledge and used Minwax Gel Stain in Walnut. The gel stain is so easy to use because its thicker than regular stain and doesn’t run everywhere. I just brush it on like paint until I get the depth I want.


Much, much better.

I decided to line the drawers with some left over Kraft paper/wrapping paper I had.

There he is (it’s a boy this time) in all his glory. I really like the way Union Jack turned out.



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