Oh No She Didn’t!


Oh. Yes. I. Did!
Two projects in one day and two blog tutorials? What, whaaaat? I’m feeling a little peppy, confident…badass. So please excuse my cockiness.
Earlier today I reupholstered (if you can call it that) my gross ottoman into something fabulous!

20130904-233836.jpg It has really started to transform my second-hand bonus room. And since I’m on the hunt for slipcovers for my couches and since I had some awesome leftover chevron burlap fabric, I decided to sew some envelope pillow covers.
This is what my pillows looked like before.

20130904-234203.jpg Don’t judge me on my cheap Big Lots buy from my early twenties.
Here are my instructions on how to sew an envelope pillow cover for a 16″x16″ pillow.
1. Cut your fabric 18″x44″ (you could probably go as short at 36″ on the length but I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a gap).

2. Fold the short ends over about an inch and a half and iron them flat. Or just press really hard until it makes a crease and kind of stays, like I did.

3. Then sew those ends like a boss!

4. Next, lay down the fabric, print side up and wrap your pillow in it to see where your flaps will meet. Pin it or hold it real tight until you get to the sewing machine and hope for the best (like moi).

5. Remove the pillow and sew those open ends (inside out) like a boss son!

6. Remove thread jam and fix your bobbin then continue to sew those ends like. a. boss.

7. Flip your cover right side in and stuff that old, nasty, eyesore of a pillow in that ish boii!


8. Sit back and admire the awesomeness that you have just created and obviously, do it like a boss.



BAM! Now onward with my search for some cheap, badass slipcovers.




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