Anthropologie Inspired Rosette Pillow Tutorial


I finally ordered a slipcover for a nasty couch in my den that I am slowly transforming. And it’s cute and it’s kind of plum and I love it.

20130920-123949.jpg What I don’t love is everything else in the room that I haven’t changed yet. Like this built in daybed.

20130920-124145.jpg Everything about it is gross. From the cheap looking wood to the nasty cover that came with the house to the dingy brown euro shams courtesy of an old bed set of mine. The whole idea behind redoing this room is using what we already have and keeping it cheap. So late one night, I pulled back the nasty carpet, mixed up a taupe-ish chalk paint and painted the darn thing. I also found a really cute fabric to recover the cushion with at Joann’s.


20130920-133022.jpg It’s just tucked in right now, I’ll figure out how to sew it into a cover later.
But those pillows… Ga-ross! I recovered a couple more pillows for my couch last week in another awesome printed burlap using my simple envelope pillow cover method.

20130920-133541.jpg Once again, only $3.97 at Wally World! Since that method was tried and true for me, I decided to cover the euro pillows on the day bed. I used a cool, plum, chenille fabric for 2 of them but I wanted a cool pillow with some hip texture. So I decided to make a knock off Anthropologie ‘Rosette’ cover.

20130920-134334.jpg Soooo pretty! Soooo expensive! I had read a few tutorials on how to make one but they required pleating, which I don’t do. My neighbor just showed me how to correctly thread my bobbin. I decided I was pretty good with the envelope covers and I would stick with that. The key to getting the bunchy, gathered look without sewing pleats is to use a material with some stretch. I found a black, stretchy, jersey knit blend at Joann’s for 5.99/yd and I had a 50% off coupon. SCORE! I made the plain envelope cover but I made it just a couple inches too big. Once I placed the pillow inside, I pinched the fabric in the middle of the pillow and twisted it as I pulled it up.

20130920-135107.jpg Then I secured it with a rubber band. At this point, you can hand stitch the “knot” together, but I haven’t yet. It looks good and it’s pretty secure.

20130920-135411.jpg It was so easy I even made a couple more with my leftover fabric.


20130920-135639.jpg Little by little, it’s coming together.


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