The 80’s Called…


And they want you to give their table another chance.
I know, it’s hard, it’s not my thing either. But it was two dollars at a garage sale and it was crying out for me to save it. Besides, the 80’s are making a comeback whether we like it or not. Clothes, hair, music and even creeping into home decor. I live in a college town and I see flash dance everywhere! That being said, a lot of college girls shop at our local antique mall where I share a little room/booth with my super crafty and super creative momma. So why not try my hand at reviving this sad little table. If I could change my mind about midcentury furniture then why not this?

20130922-193049.jpg I was inspired by a fellow blogger’s table. You really should check out her blog. She is a pretty neat chick. She did hers a little differently and it turned out awesome!

20130922-193944.jpg I sanded down the top first then wiped the dust off before I started taping. I wanted a random look like hers but my table had a parquet pattern on top so I went the easy route and kind of followed the existing pattern with my tape.

20130922-194858.jpg But I did paint the triangles randomly with 5 different colors of chalk paint that I mixed up. I used navy, gray, light blue, minty white and a coraly-pink.

20130922-195843.jpg I pulled the tape off and after it dried, I gave it a light sanding.

20130922-200208.jpg I decided I wanted it to look a bit more vintage and muted so I stained over the wood and paint with Minwax Gel Stain in Walnut. I just rubbed it in with a rag.

20130922-200426.jpg I decided on navy for the legs and painted the little accent grooves in coral. Then I used my DIY dark wax on the legs and Flashdance was done! I’m not sure I’ve completely changed my stance on 80’s furniture but she surely is transformed.






One thought on “The 80’s Called…

  1. Reblogged this on Girl about the house and commented:
    I came across Been There, DIY’d That a little while ago and found some really great ideas for upcycling furniture. Now that my sideboard is done, I am longing for another project to get my teeth into so, watch this space, I may try this great table idea out. Give me a geometric print and an old piece of furniture and I am a happy lady.


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