DIY Burlap Wreath

20131121-202625.jpg I’ve been feeling kind of depressed lately and I think it’s linked to the weather, which is linked to my lack of painting random objects. I haven’t done anything crafty in awhile and my creative juices haven’t been flowing. And as much as I try, my latest cooking excursions have been less than impressive. So I decided on a non-painting, crafty project, a wreath!
I found this really cute ikat print burlap at Hobby Lobby, but at $8.99/yd I didn’t want to do the whole thing in it. So I found a plain light burlap that matched very well and at $3.99/yd I decided to do the majority of the wreath in that. I got 2 yards of the plain burlap and 1 yard of the printed. I picked up a 24″ wreath form at Joann’s for $4.99. (You will need 2 yards of total fabric for a wreath that size)

20131121-204004.jpg I cut the plain burlap into strips about 5″ wide running the length of the fabric (2yds).

20131121-204337.jpg Start by attaching the end of a burlap strip to the wreath form. You could use hot glue, safety pins or twist ties. I prefer twist ties or safety pins so you can adjust it later.

20131121-204618.jpg Then weave the fabric through the middle gap on the form. Going over the bottom then through the middle and repeat going over the top and through the middle, kind of like a figure eight. Leaving space in the fabric to fluff.


20131121-204912.jpg It should start looking like this.

20131121-205043.jpg When one strip ends, attach it to the wreath form an start another. And don’t worry if the form is showing through a little. (We’ll get to that later.)

20131121-205246.jpg When you’ve got the burlap wrapped the full length of the form it should look like this.

20131121-205401.jpg Now to fill in those gaps. Cut the printed burlap into the same 5″ strips.

20131121-205611.jpg Then randomly start weaving it through, filling in the gaps as you go along, making it look awesome!

20131121-205805.jpg Then add your accessories! I like to hot glue safety pins to my accessories so I can remove them and change them with the seasons. You could add a pumpkin and leaves for fall or bunnies and eggs for Easter. One wreath, all occasions. Can’t beat that!



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