Just Go With It


All of my friends know that I’ll take their junk off of their hands. I love repurposing and refinishing things but sometimes someone will call and say “Hey! I’ve got a dresser, want it?” And I’m like “Duh!” And then I get it and I’m like “Uh, what is it?” Like this thing…

It took me months of approaching this thing in my garage, sanding it, leaving it alone for awhile, priming it and leaving it alone for awhile before I was just like “Screw it! I’m just gonna paint it and see where it takes me!”

So decided on a nice taupe chalk paint for the base because it’s neutral and I still didn’t know what the heck this thing was going to be. After the taupe was on, I decided to rough it up by dry brushing it. It was a little rough to begin with so why not just go with it? But I kinda wanted her to be fancier instead of just rustic, so I chose a shimmery bronze for the process. It looked really cool, rustic with a fancy edge!

I even brushed the bronze on the knobs for a little extra flair.

Now what to do with that big, open whatever-that-space-is. I thought about shutters but couldn’t find any that fit so I decided on a curtain and I had some really cute printed burlap leftover from a burlap wreath that I had made. So I bought a small tension rod and sewed the curtain. It was really easy. I measured the space and cut a piece of the burlap a few inches longer and wider than the measurements for the opening. I hemmed the bottom and sides then at the top I made the hem big enough for the tension rod to slide through.

The bottom drawer was functioning but pretty janky, so I covered a shoe box in burlap using spray adhesive.

Then that space… It had a bar running across the top so I decided hang some old shower hooks from it to expand the possibilities that this thing could be.

Hang your children’s wrinkly clothes, it could be a dress-up station!

Store your gift bags and wrapping paper, it could be a craft table!

Put it in the kitchen, store your pots and pans, hang your utensils, it’s a sideboard!

Put it in your bedroom and you’ve got an awesome dresser where you can also hang your purses, jewelry and scarves!

I added some cute printed craft paper to line the drawers and she was done.

Here she is, my multi-purpose dresser-thing.