A Parrty Fit For A Pirate

My son turned five in March. My sweet little baby is now a little boy. A messy, crazy, fun and adventurous boy.
Turning five is a big deal. I mean, it’s one whole hand of fingers! So when he said he wanted a pirate party, I went all out.
First were the invitations. I created them on the Red Stamp app on my phone and then opened up the picture in PicStitch and sent them to Walgreens to print for half the price.

Next was the menu. I saw some cute things on Pinterest and adapted them for the party. We had Lil’ Smokies aka “Dead Mans Fingers”, cubed cheese-“Pirates Gold”, fruit bowl-“Pirates Jewels”, potato chips and goldfish crackers-“Fish n’ Chips”, black gumballs were “Cannon Balls” and gummy worms were “Fish Bait”.
I made some cute food signs (what do you call those? Food place cards?) on my computer to label everything.


I got the idea for a “pirate chest” drink cooler from Just a Frugal Mom. I dry-brushed some brown and tan paint on the two-dollar, styrofoam ice chest to make it look aged and added black electrical tape for the straps, adding white “studs” on the straps with paint.

After that, I got lazy and everything else came from Amazon. Pirate flag and sword toothpicks for the finger foods, cute little photo props.

Pin the eyepatch on the pirate games, all the favors (eyepatches, tattoos, candy,mustaches, swords and pirate hats) and the treasure chest I put them in, tablecloths, flags and pendants-all from Amazon.
My friend Robin at I Think So! Cupcakes made this awesome pirate cake accompanied by her famous maple-bacon cupcakes that I put on a cute pirate ship cupcake stand that my mom bought.


We rented a rock climb wall/slide/bouncy house to entertain the kids but most importantly, to wear them out after their sugar rush.


I let the kids fill their own treat bags out of the “Treasure Chest” when they were leaving. I hate writing thank you notes after a birthday party. And I really hate trying to write down who brought what when my kids are opening gifts, slowing down the party and frustrating myself almost as much as it frustrates the birthday boy when he’s trying to rip open every gift as fast as he can. So when I made the invites, I made matching thank you notes at the same time and put them in the treat bags.

My son loved his party and all the kids had a blast! My youngest wants a football party for his birthday in July, I’m open to suggestions!