My P90X3 Results

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I’ve posted a bit about my fitness journey and I have been slacking lately. But I did finish P90X3! And I am so excited to share my results! After 90-ish days (listen, there were some missed workouts, vacations, birthdays, Earth Day, you know the normal days that require rest and cheat meals) of working out and eating clean, I am proud to say that I am down 25 pounds and 26 inches! I went from a size 16 to an 8 and a XXL to a Medium! I participated in 21 day challenge groups to help me get motivated and keep going and I even have my family eating healthy and exercising!

Don’t believe me? The proof is in the pudding! (What does that even mean?) Look for yourself!

p90X3 results

Was it hard?

Yes, at first but there is a modifier in every workout. Sometimes I modified the modifier and sometimes I kept up with the big boys!

Was my “diet” ( I hate that word) hard?

No! Actually it was pretty easy! I joined a free online challenge group. With that I got 3 weeks of clean eating meal plans, motivation and support. I loved it so much I joined another and now I run them myself. My last 21 day challenge group lost a total of 27 pounds and 16 inches!

Why 21 days?

Ever heard the phrase “It takes 3 weeks to make or break a habit”? Its true! First of all, you can do anything for 3 weeks, like, anything! And once you’ve gone that long it’s easy to just keep going! Especially when you see results!

Why Shakeology? 

Why would I only invest in half of my health? Abs are made in the kitchen. Seriously what you put in your body is 80% of your health. Shakeology is the healthiest thing I consume every day. Its like going to the salad bar 9 times. Theres no way I could consume that many veggies and super foods on my own each day.

Is my journey over?

Heck no! I’m just beginning. Actually I’m starting a new program tomorrow-Brazil Butt Lift (makes me laugh every time) And I’m joining another 21 day challenge group to get me started right. I’ll post about that when I finish. 🙂

Want results too? Want to join my next challenge group? Contact me or get your challenge pack here

photo-5 photo-6

Note: This program was finished April 19th. I just now got around to blogging about it 🙂 Since then I have also completed Brazil Butt lift and had amazing results 😉 Blog on that to come this week!


3 thoughts on “My P90X3 Results

  1. You got amazing results! Seeing before and after photos from people who actually had some weight to lose is so much more inspiring than an already thin person who got a six pack.
    I totally admire you for the hard work and dedication you put forward to get these results. I bet you are insanely proud of yourself. Keep it up 🙂

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    • Thanks so much! I feel the same way. It was almost discouraging when I would look through before and after photos (which I do A LOT) and only see already thin women. I was constantly searching for someone who looked like me and could give me an idea of attainable, realistic results for my body.


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