My P90X3 Results

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I’ve posted a bit about my fitness journey and I have been slacking lately. But I did finish P90X3! And I am so excited to share my results! After 90-ish days (listen, there were some missed workouts, vacations, birthdays, Earth Day, you know the normal days that require rest and cheat meals) of working out and eating clean, I am proud to say that I am down 25 pounds and 26 inches! I went from a size 16 to an 8 and a XXL to a Medium! I participated in 21 day challenge groups to help me get motivated and keep going and I even have my family eating healthy and exercising!

Don’t believe me? The proof is in the pudding! (What does that even mean?) Look for yourself!

p90X3 results

Was it hard?

Yes, at first but there is a modifier in every workout. Sometimes I modified the modifier and sometimes I kept up with the big boys!

Was my “diet” ( I hate that word) hard?

No! Actually it was pretty easy! I joined a free online challenge group. With that I got 3 weeks of clean eating meal plans, motivation and support. I loved it so much I joined another and now I run them myself. My last 21 day challenge group lost a total of 27 pounds and 16 inches!

Why 21 days?

Ever heard the phrase “It takes 3 weeks to make or break a habit”? Its true! First of all, you can do anything for 3 weeks, like, anything! And once you’ve gone that long it’s easy to just keep going! Especially when you see results!

Why Shakeology? 

Why would I only invest in half of my health? Abs are made in the kitchen. Seriously what you put in your body is 80% of your health. Shakeology is the healthiest thing I consume every day. Its like going to the salad bar 9 times. Theres no way I could consume that many veggies and super foods on my own each day.

Is my journey over?

Heck no! I’m just beginning. Actually I’m starting a new program tomorrow-Brazil Butt Lift (makes me laugh every time) And I’m joining another 21 day challenge group to get me started right. I’ll post about that when I finish. 🙂

Want results too? Want to join my next challenge group? Contact me or get your challenge pack here

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Note: This program was finished April 19th. I just now got around to blogging about it 🙂 Since then I have also completed Brazil Butt lift and had amazing results 😉 Blog on that to come this week!


The Diary of a Serial Dieter.


It hits you like a ton of bricks. You don’t know how you got to this point, when it got this bad, where you went wrong and how you never noticed until now. Maybe you went to the doctor and had to step on the scale, maybe you were tagged in a less than flattering photo on Facebook. For me it was when my size 16 jeans wouldn’t zip.
Maybe “a ton of bricks” is a bit of an exaggeration. I noticed I was gaining weight. I didn’t like the way my clothes fit. I hated that I had to buy a size 16. I tried to ignore it, wear leggings and baggy shirts and convince myself that look was “in”. Honestly I do know how I got to that point. It was simple, a series of small bad choices made almost daily.
I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I’m a serial dieter, yo-yo-ing constantly. My closet consists of pants ranging from size 4 to 16 if that tells you anything. I was a chubby kid. My mother, who has never struggled with her weight, had no idea how to handle my father’s genetics creeping up on me. She remembers seeing the change after I was repeatedly put on steroids one year as a child but I think I was destined to have this struggle. My father has Type 2 Diabetes along with the majority of his family. I have a grandmother who had open heart surgery as well as Diabetes on the other side of my family. After her surgery she got healthy and would take me on walks. She always told me that I got dealt a shitty hand and I would have to work twice as hard as my friends to maintain a healthy weight.
So I did. I really can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t on a diet. I packed Diet Cokes and Snack Wells in my lunches during grade school, graduating to Slim Fast in Middle School and Junior High.

Something awesome happened in High school, I got mono! I lost 20 lbs and besides not being able to move without throwing up for 2 months, it was amazing! Not wanting to gain the weight back and not wanting my friends to notice that I wasn’t eating, I started my little phase of bulimia. Easiest weight loss program I ever did. Until my friends mom walked in on me throwing up and told my parents. They started monitoring me closely, so I found myself going to gas station bathrooms to throw up. I got pretty thin and my parents knew what was up (and I think the convenience store clerks were suspicious as well) so eventually that all came to an end.

In college, I quickly packed on the “freshman fifteen”. My mother took me to a weight loss doctor and got me on Xenical. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a “fat-blocking” pill. It literally makes you shit out the fat you eat. That worked well for awhile until I would partake in pizza night and fart grease for 2 days.

My next venture was Atkins. Twenty pounds lost in about a month! It didn’t last. The very minute I ate a French fry, the carbs took over my body and I gained forty pounds. I swear it happened almost exactly like
that…for the most part.

In my mid-twenties I went to a Bariatrician and was put on Phentermine, some other speed pill and a high dose of Thyroid. Rapid weight loss alongside crazy bitchiness. But I stuck with it, losing fifty pounds and finding myself screaming at my boyfriend for not putting his spoon in the dishwasher.

20140304-101145.jpg I also decided to go very blonde in my crazy-pants state.
My semi-psychotic life seemed great, after all, this was what I wanted, I had lost weight easily and I looked good… until I got pregnant. I gained almost 80lbs. Crazy how that weight comes on when you have to eat again.

20140304-102356.jpg I got less crazy and went brunette.

After my son stopped nursing I got back on the Phentermine. I was losing weight for about two weeks until I found out I was pregnant again. Determined not to gain an additional eighty pounds, I met with a nutritionist who told me to simply cut out salt and eat 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. So I did and I actually lost weight during that pregnancy despite growing a 9.6 lb boy inside me.

20140304-103147.jpg I kept up the healthy eating after giving birth and lost weight rapidly for the 6 weeks before I had Mirena birth control installed, for lack of a better term, in me. I don’t know what it is about me and birth control but I gained 26 lbs in a little over a month, not changing any of my healthy eating. I decided to try to fight the weight gain, after having two boys fifteen months apart, I would rather fight the birth control weight than the pregnancy weight.
I started running. I quit running. I started dieting. I quit dieting. I started running again. I quit running again. I started dieting.
I think society has this idea that someone who is overweight, sits on their butt all day and eats chocolate and cheese-fries. It’s not the case. I cooked my family healthy meals. We had occasional deserts but nothing that a normal, healthy family doesn’t eat. I never ate breakfast, was usually too busy for lunch and I would snack while cooking dinner and then be full. How was I fat? I never ate!





Apparently that was my problem. Through my yo-yo-ing I had ruined my body and my metabolism. After seeing my friend dieting, exercising and losing forty pounds the right way. I reached out. I joined one of her challenge groups and learned so much. I have to fuel my body, I have to retrain my metabolism and I have to eat enough food to do this. After eating clean and drinking Shakeology for one of my 6 daily meals for 21 days I had lost twelve pounds. I like Shakeology because it’s not a weight loss drink (I’m through with the quick and easy route) it’s lots of nutritious super foods and it gets me my daily serving of fruits and veggies which is hard to squeeze in every day. So I kicked it up a notch after my 21 day challenge. I started doing P90X3 workouts in the comfort of my own home. No meatheads at the gym, no seemingly judging eyes, no self-conscious thoughts that had made me quit in the past. Just thirty minutes a day, six days a week. I was amazed at the results after just two weeks!

As mortifying as those pictures are, they serve as motivation for me to keep pushing every day. That and my awesome Beachbody Coach that holds me accountable, puts me in challenge groups, gives me meal plans and supports me even when I struggle, especially when I struggle.
I’ve been at this since December 2nd. And I’m blown away at what I can accomplish when I put my mind to it. I’ve lost 24 lbs and 20 inches. I’m down 3 pants sizes, going from a 16 to a 10 and I’m still going strong.

If you’re interested in Shakeology, P90X3, other Beachbody workouts or having your own coach and accountability click here.


Shakeology Cleanse Review

For a while now, I’ve been a pretty clean eater. Mostly grain free, gluten free, sometimes dairy free. We like to eat as organically as possible in a city with no Whole Foods or Sprouts. It’s difficult and it’s a little expensive. I usually have 1 “cheat” meal a week and I’m pretty good about staying on track. Until Thanksgiving came…
I wasn’t losing weight with my diet and that was frustrating but I was maintaining. Then when I “went crazy” for a few days around the holiday, I gained a freaking pound a day! How completely unfair!
I have a friend that thinks the same way as me about weight loss. We hate it. We hate exercise. We hate people that lose weight and we are convinced that those that do, are on meth.
When my friends lose weight, I warn them that I will hate them and we won’t be friends anymore. So when my fellow health-hater started losing weight I couldn’t believe that she would pick a hot body over being my friend.
But I like her, so I asked her how she got these results.

She lost 40 lbs doing Shakeology as a meal replacement for one of her 6, yes that is 6 meals a day and doing P90x.
Well I wasn’t sure about the exercise, I still thought that was pretty dumb. I go through spurts where I think running is great and I do it for a month or two before it gets way too easy to make up excuses. But the shakes sounded neat, full of super foods and vitamins. She offered me a 3-day Shakeology Cleanse. Cleanses are great for you when done in moderation and after eating all of that junk I needed something to get me back on track.





So December 2nd I started the cleanse. I was pretty hungry the first day but every time I wanted to eat, I guzzled water. And the shakes tasted pretty good, plus I got to eat a huge spinach salad for dinner. The next day wasn’t so bad and by day 3, I could have kept going! My results? I lost 6.8 lbs in those 3 days! I was pumped!
But I didn’t want to start eating and gain it all back. So Ashley gave me a 21 Day Challenge- Meal Plan. It had 6 meals a day, one being Shakeology. I was still a little nervous that eating all that food would expand my stomach again and make me gain weight. But it didn’t! I continued to lose weight slowly with just the meal plan and shakes. So I thought if I could lose that weight during the holidays with a completely sedentary lifestyle, then how much of a boost could I get from exercise too? Ashley told me that P90x3 was coming out and it was just a 30 minute workout each day. It’s pretty hard to make an excuse for just 30 minutes of my day.

20131230-094239.jpg I am proud to say that I survived week 1 of P90X3 and I am down 10lbs since the beginning of the month. I’ll keep you updated about my future progress!
For more information on Shakeology, P90X3 or meal planning, go to my website.