Shakeology Cleanse Review

For a while now, I’ve been a pretty clean eater. Mostly grain free, gluten free, sometimes dairy free. We like to eat as organically as possible in a city with no Whole Foods or Sprouts. It’s difficult and it’s a little expensive. I usually have 1 “cheat” meal a week and I’m pretty good about staying on track. Until Thanksgiving came…
I wasn’t losing weight with my diet and that was frustrating but I was maintaining. Then when I “went crazy” for a few days around the holiday, I gained a freaking pound a day! How completely unfair!
I have a friend that thinks the same way as me about weight loss. We hate it. We hate exercise. We hate people that lose weight and we are convinced that those that do, are on meth.
When my friends lose weight, I warn them that I will hate them and we won’t be friends anymore. So when my fellow health-hater started losing weight I couldn’t believe that she would pick a hot body over being my friend.
But I like her, so I asked her how she got these results.

She lost 40 lbs doing Shakeology as a meal replacement for one of her 6, yes that is 6 meals a day and doing P90x.
Well I wasn’t sure about the exercise, I still thought that was pretty dumb. I go through spurts where I think running is great and I do it for a month or two before it gets way too easy to make up excuses. But the shakes sounded neat, full of super foods and vitamins. She offered me a 3-day Shakeology Cleanse. Cleanses are great for you when done in moderation and after eating all of that junk I needed something to get me back on track.





So December 2nd I started the cleanse. I was pretty hungry the first day but every time I wanted to eat, I guzzled water. And the shakes tasted pretty good, plus I got to eat a huge spinach salad for dinner. The next day wasn’t so bad and by day 3, I could have kept going! My results? I lost 6.8 lbs in those 3 days! I was pumped!
But I didn’t want to start eating and gain it all back. So Ashley gave me a 21 Day Challenge- Meal Plan. It had 6 meals a day, one being Shakeology. I was still a little nervous that eating all that food would expand my stomach again and make me gain weight. But it didn’t! I continued to lose weight slowly with just the meal plan and shakes. So I thought if I could lose that weight during the holidays with a completely sedentary lifestyle, then how much of a boost could I get from exercise too? Ashley told me that P90x3 was coming out and it was just a 30 minute workout each day. It’s pretty hard to make an excuse for just 30 minutes of my day.

20131230-094239.jpg I am proud to say that I survived week 1 of P90X3 and I am down 10lbs since the beginning of the month. I’ll keep you updated about my future progress!
For more information on Shakeology, P90X3 or meal planning, go to my website.